We are Cruisers!

So I’m home from a sneaky holiday, which is the first in a year, I know that’s not unusual, however I’ve only had Christmas Day / Boxing Day and 1 other day since August. In between times it was crazy hours setting up Ivory & Pearl, so I hope we deserved it. Deserved it or not… We are cruisers! They say cruises are like marmite and we loved them! We did a 7 day cruise to – Naples, Toulon, Rome, Nice, Pisa, Barcelona, and it was amazing! 

I did forget my camera though, which was like forgetting a limb and my hair drier (which cruises don’t supply you with) and a hair brush – much to my hubby’s dismay this gave me an excuse to stay in hoodies and jogging bottoms basically the whole trip, I think that’s why he bought me a few new clothes (it’s a good way to hint ladies!)  It was fab just to sit back, relax, enjoy the sights and eat as much food as possible!

We went on Liberty of the Seas by Royal Caribbean – we heard they were the best with the best food (most importantly) so thought we’d try them as our taster! They had a flo rider, climbing wall, basketball court, volleyball, ice rink, theatre, table tennis, arcade… not bad for a cruise ship! If I would describe a cruise, I would say it’s like a Las Vegas Hotel on water, but the rooms are all like mini caravans all lined up side by side – with nearly 4000 guests and over 2000 crew members – they would need to be mini! It is by far the cleanest holiday I have EVER been on, there were crew members constantly cleaning the toilets, rooms, dining area!

There is great entertainment, a ‘piano man’ singing songs all night, night club, a theatre (we saw Saturday Night Fever), karaoke, swimming pool competitions (like the best belly flopper- thankfully Chris didn’t have an urge to participate!!!), quizzes and also great child minding facilities. The food is also amazing! It’s actually so nice to be able to eat when you want, without having to research and think what restaurant would be nice to eat in and then usually be disappointed in a foreign country. There are two options – a buffet style or a sit down meal where you chose of the menu and you’re served – which is really like what it looks like on the Titanic, the dining room even looks like the Titanic! When dinner is over at 9:30pm, don’t worry though as you can have free buns, tea, coffee and pizza slices until 3am! 

If you’re thinking of doing one, I’d definitively recommend it! Although they’re reasonably priced, they do try to catch you out in other ways – for example – cocktails are $12.15, digital photos (the ones they take of you as you go on the cruise, stop for excursions etc) were.. Wait for it… $199, excursions can then be up to $500 each and for families that’s a whole lotta money! However, if you’re willing to get about yourself – completely doable! Check out Tripadvisors new app, which you download before you go on hols, then you can access it without wifi and it tells you all the top sights and restaurants to see in each City! Stick to tea, coffee, lemonade, hot chocolate, ice tea, pure orange and apple juice, use your own camera, O and don’t get sucked into their evening deals.. Watches where $89.99 now $19.99 … Which Chris did get sucked into! Then you’re going to have a holiday at a bargain!! We used Planet Cruise to book, we got a great deal – but also heard its possible to play the cruise companies off each other to get an even better deal! We also booked our flights separately as it was quite a bit cheaper, however that meant if the flight was cancelled we weren’t Atol protected but thankfully it worked out okay for us! 

I hope everyone has a few days away this Summer to sit back and relax, ours is over, but hopefully a break at Christmas will be on the agenda!!

Love Kate




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