A working mama – my life outside of the boutique

So I can 100% say I have settled into a working mum – I’ve got this! It’s only taken me 3 plus years, but here I am, I am loving work and loving having a work/life balance, something I’m so relieved/thankful that I have!

I have to get out of the house or it is a verrrrryyy long day, especially as my hubby works very long days and I’m usually up from 6! I have been trying to explore little old NI, so I decided to jot down a few of the places I have been, unfortunately some/a lot of them are weather permitting.. here’s praying for a few crisp dry Autumn days…

Pickie Park

Pickle Park is absolutely gorgeous in the summer months – it has a play park, a train ride, swans, a cafe (and Mauds!!) Also remember to bring your swimming cossie (for the summer months) as there are sprinklers for the kids to run in and out of.

The Gruffalo Trail 

This is some walk so be prepared, I haven’t invested in a double buggy pram as I keep thinking one will want to walk but in reality I end up carrying and pushing !! In my experience I didn’t feel completely comfortable as it’s quite covered and it was quiet when I went, so I would definitely recommend going with a friend in the day light – the book is also fab!

The Giants Lair 

My daughter is 3 and boy did she love this! She was mesmerised with the fairies and loved making up stories about what they were doing. There is also a play park and an ice cream van for the kids.

Streamvale Farm

We have visited lots of farms, and Streamvale really is hard to beat! Again, not a great time for this blog as Spring time is a great time to go (check out their opening times before heading). There’s so much to do though, whether that be playing shop, a go on the barrel ride, go karting, slides or feeding/petting the animals.

Castle Espie

This is one of the National Trusts little treasures. Castle Espie isn’t one place that is overly advertised but it is a great place for the kids. They love feeding the ducks, and watching the birds. There is also an in door play area – granted it is small but the kids will burn off some steam!


Newtownards kids paddling Pool

This is an 18″ pool with lots of toys for the kids to play with, it’s a small circle so you can sit around the side watching them (fully clothed) without worrying about their safety.


We have been to lots of play cafes but it’s hard to beat Funtastic, my husband thinks the food replicates that of a normal “adult restaurant” and I love that it is routinely cleaned (OCD alert)!! The activities are also perfectly sized for toddlers (I’ve been to some that the steps are too big for little people!)

Lisburn Leisure Plex

I have to be honest, it is more a Saturday morning activity with my hubby as he takes two toddlers swimming – rather him than me!! But the kids absolutely love it and they’re absolutely wrecked afterwards!

Mount Stewart 

Mount Stewart frequently have jazz events – in which the kids can run around, kick a ball, we can chill, then have a picnic and go for a walk afterwards.


Free childcare 3 years up – enough said.

Ulster Museum


There is much to do in Newcastle.. have a bbq, go to Tullymore Forest Park, have a Mauds, go on the Amusements, go on the swans…

Can’t beat a good old park .. Wallace Park // Lady Dixon Park // Delamont Park

For a coffee shop, Vic Ryn is hard to beat, there are lots of other kids (so you don’t need to worry if yours have a tantrum) and there is a dedicated play area with lots of toys for the children. It also has the most amazing scones and tray bakes, as well as lunch options!

Still on my list is:
Armagh Planetarium
C&Js Petting Farm
Steam train Downpatrick
Eden Pottery
Tayto Park
Slieve Donard / Titanic for visiting Santa

Also, keep an eye out on your local councils Facebook pages for specific events, we are going to:
Lisburn The Whispering wood in Hillsborough Forest 

If anyone has any others places, please let me know.. 

Next one will be wedding related.. I promise.

Love Kate



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