Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill.. I have never heard sweeter words .. ha, is that my age? I actually never was one to sit and watch TV, but ever since the invention of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky.. and when I finally get my kids to bed, it is now 21:30, I love sitting relaxing, switching off and watching TV. I should probably be doing something much better with my time, yoga anyone? To be honest, life is pretty hectic at the moment, so sitting down with a cuppa and a biscuit is the perfect end to my day!

So what would I recommend.. here are my top shows at the moment, that will keep you occupied over the next few months – but hopefully the sun will be shining and you will be outside enjoying yourself.

Right, let’s go!

1. Suits 

Megan Markle… need I say more? This has at least 7 series, so it will keep you going for a while. Just enough time to watch it before the Royal Wedding 😉

2. Scandal

Olivia Pope .. another fab character, she is a crisis manager who hides high profile characters secrets in a  blend of politics, paranoia and toxic romance.

3. This is us

When watching this series you will go through every emotion known to man kind.. it is one of my all time favs! Main leads also include Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz.

4. Amanda Knox

A totally different watch, a real life documentary which focuses is on the murder of Meredith Kercher. Amanda herself plays a big part in the documentary by giving interviews and insights into her life, which is perhaps what makes it so gripping.

5. Sinner

Wow! A nice short series you could honestly watch in a night! When I first put it on, I thought no way, I was then recommended it and gave it another shot, and I’m so glad I did. Jessica Biel directs and acts in this series, and it is definitely worth a watch!

6. The Good Wife 

When a very public sex and political-corruption scandal lands her husband, Peter, in prison, Alicia must get past the humiliation and betrayal and assume responsibility for her family. She resumes her career as a defense attorney, shedding her persona as the embarrassed wife of a politician, and takes charge of her destiny.  (Yes, I did just copy and paste that!)

7. Save Me, Doctor Foster and Marcella

These are TV dramas which are again a nice easy watch and Suranne Jones is a fab actress in them.

And if that isn’t enough.. some more..I haven’t watched these, but heard they are worth a watch: Designated Survivor, Stranger Things and The Crown.


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A Mini Photoshoot in the Boutique

Being self employed is one of the funniest, craziest journeys I have ever been on! The places I’ve been, the people I’ve met! My poor mum, the journeys I’ve made her go on, the walking, the travelling, the long, long days! Most people go to NYC and say all the fun things they did – not my poor mum and I, we got up at 5am and worked until 9pm. The highlight of our trip was watching The Girl on the Train at the VIP cinema – and a little shopping of course! Next time we’ll take it slower! The last five years have been a blur, but at my second ever bridal fair I had all my dresses in Malone House and started talking to the girl at the stand beside me. I said I had just opened but I had been in Avoca and loved a floral display they had and would love to replicate it in my boutique. Low and behold, that girl was called Sharon from Innocent Chaos and she had made that floral display in Avoca when she worked as their merchandiser (and then still did!!) I asked her quickly if she could come into my boutique and do the same thing and she did and honestly it really makes my boutique look amazing!!! A couple of years ago she left Avoca and went into Innocent Chaos full time, so every so often she comes along to the boutique to take pics of her new collection. This year I think is my favourite.. it’s absolutely stunning! If you’re looking for a floral crown or bouquet she is your woman! Check out these pics… the beautiful Lauren is in a selection of dresses by Catherine Deane, Anna Campbell, Claire Pettibone and Sarah Seven.

Love Kate

ivory and pearl bridal boutique

sarah seven wedding dresses

anna campbell wedding dresses

claire pettibone wedding dresses

Naomi Neoh Wedding Dresses

Sarah Seven Wedding Dress

Sarah Seven wedding dress

Innocent Chaos Floral Bouquet

ivory and pearl bridal catherine deane

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South Africa

I love travelling, a little too much! I’m already planning next years summer holidays, even though we said we’d take a year out!! I came across our itinerary for the South Africa trip we did a few years ago (with a 6 month old) and I thought someone might find it useful. The route was great – we went to Joburg first of all and then we did the Garden Route down to Cape Town. South Africa is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.. it’s absolutely amazing! Accommodation and food is so cheap, £7.00 for a three course meal and cocktails are £2.00! However, the closer you get to Cape Town the more expensive it gets! Below I have literally copied and pasted my planning from before we went, we didn’t end up doing all of the activities, so I have just ‘italics’ the ones we did actually do! We also did more activities once we got there, but of course I’ve forgotten some of the places. I, however, like having a basic plan and accommodation booked and then work around that! Just to note, we stayed in decent accommodation but definitely not fancy fancy places – apart from the safari!! I’ve also written a few comments down the side from what I can remember 🙂

Any questions feel free to get in touch!

Kate xxx




Things to do


11th Dec 2014

08:20 departure from Dublin

Get the lounge pass – as there is unlimited food/drink. Free wifi and a shower to freshen up in between flights.

12th Dec 2014

Arrive Joburg at 08:40



There’s no jet lag as there’s only 1/2 hours difference.

13th Dec 2014


Soweto and Apartheid Tour

This tour is definitely recommended – it took in the shanti towns and the Nelson Mandela Museum.

14th Dec 2014


Mangwanani Spa 

A really good/reasonably priced all day spa.

15th Dec 2014


Ivory Tree 

This place is a little more expensive but sooo amazing! Food is all inclusive – there is an outdoor shower (ha!) and the safaris are just out of this world! You also don’t need any vaccinations at this safari either.

16th Dec 2014

Ivory Tree

We also visited Sun City resort when we were here – it has a swimming pool, crocodile farm, rides etc.. 

17th Dec 2014

Fly to Port Elizabeth

Tsitsikamma Village Inn (£104)

Fifth Avenue Tours

Not the most amazing place to stay but central to everything.

18th Dec 2014

Tsitsikamma Village Inn


Storm River Suspension Bridge

Tsitsikamma National Park is so beautiful – and so nice to go and have a picnic at and a swim in the sea.

We also did the tree tops – which is zip lining through the forest.

19th Dec 2014


Candlewood Lodge

Robberg Nature Reserve for walks and scenery

This accommodation again was okay, clean and inexpensive, breakfast included. 

20th Dec 2014


Candlewood Lodge

Meerkat Adventures – de Zeekoe Reserve

Cango Caves

Bella Mia Pottery

Ostrich Farm

Rust & Vrede Waterfall

Cango Wildlife Ranch

Wilgewandel Hol Farm

From Knysa we travelled to Oudtshoorn and did the Cango Caves – worthwhile seeing, and the Cango Wildlife Ranch – we ate ostrich here! You can also ride an Ostrich at the Ostrich farm.. which we didn’t do.

Dinner at Olive Tree – YUM! However, all food is sooo good and sooo cheap! It’s honestly so, so fresh and every meal we had was delicious.

21st Dec 2014


Abalone £225


This is a beautiful hotel.. definitely recommend!!

22nd Dec 2014



Whale watching

White Shark Diving at Gaansbaii 

Depending on season you can watch the whales .. we didn’t see any!

23rd Dec 2014


Spier Hotel (£75)

This is an amazing hotel….. definitely recommend!! Lots of wine tours here and the scenery is fab!

24th Dec 2014

Cape Town

At V&A Waterfront

Cape Town is so beautiful, and I felt very at home! Christmas isn’t commercialised which is actually lovely, we barely saw a Christmas tree up and on Christmas Day everyone was outside eating and drinking and just loving life!

25th Dec 2014

Cape Town

City Lodge Pinelands

Table mountain

Aerial Cableway

Hop on hop off bus 


Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

26th Dec 2014

Cape Town

Cape Point

Lions Head

Robyn Island

27th Dec 2014

Cape Town

Signal Hill

The castle of good hope

District 6 museum

Abseil Africa/Cape of Good Hope

28th Dec 2014

Fly to Joburg

It was cheaper for us to fly back to Joburg than to fly from Cape Town .. a bit of a pain but was grand, and I was just so excited to have seen SA!

29th Dec 2014

20:30 leave Joburg

30th December 2014

13:40 arrive in Dublin

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A working mama – my life outside of the boutique

So I can 100% say I have settled into a working mum – I’ve got this! It’s only taken me 3 plus years, but here I am, I am loving work and loving having a work/life balance, something I’m so relieved/thankful that I have!

I have to get out of the house or it is a verrrrryyy long day, especially as my hubby works very long days and I’m usually up from 6! I have been trying to explore little old NI, so I decided to jot down a few of the places I have been, unfortunately some/a lot of them are weather permitting.. here’s praying for a few crisp dry Autumn days…

Pickie Park

Pickle Park is absolutely gorgeous in the summer months – it has a play park, a train ride, swans, a cafe (and Mauds!!) Also remember to bring your swimming cossie (for the summer months) as there are sprinklers for the kids to run in and out of.

The Gruffalo Trail 

This is some walk so be prepared, I haven’t invested in a double buggy pram as I keep thinking one will want to walk but in reality I end up carrying and pushing !! In my experience I didn’t feel completely comfortable as it’s quite covered and it was quiet when I went, so I would definitely recommend going with a friend in the day light – the book is also fab!

The Giants Lair 

My daughter is 3 and boy did she love this! She was mesmerised with the fairies and loved making up stories about what they were doing. There is also a play park and an ice cream van for the kids.

Streamvale Farm

We have visited lots of farms, and Streamvale really is hard to beat! Again, not a great time for this blog as Spring time is a great time to go (check out their opening times before heading). There’s so much to do though, whether that be playing shop, a go on the barrel ride, go karting, slides or feeding/petting the animals.

Castle Espie

This is one of the National Trusts little treasures. Castle Espie isn’t one place that is overly advertised but it is a great place for the kids. They love feeding the ducks, and watching the birds. There is also an in door play area – granted it is small but the kids will burn off some steam!


Newtownards kids paddling Pool

This is an 18″ pool with lots of toys for the kids to play with, it’s a small circle so you can sit around the side watching them (fully clothed) without worrying about their safety.


We have been to lots of play cafes but it’s hard to beat Funtastic, my husband thinks the food replicates that of a normal “adult restaurant” and I love that it is routinely cleaned (OCD alert)!! The activities are also perfectly sized for toddlers (I’ve been to some that the steps are too big for little people!)

Lisburn Leisure Plex

I have to be honest, it is more a Saturday morning activity with my hubby as he takes two toddlers swimming – rather him than me!! But the kids absolutely love it and they’re absolutely wrecked afterwards!

Mount Stewart 

Mount Stewart frequently have jazz events – in which the kids can run around, kick a ball, we can chill, then have a picnic and go for a walk afterwards.


Free childcare 3 years up – enough said.

Ulster Museum


There is much to do in Newcastle.. have a bbq, go to Tullymore Forest Park, have a Mauds, go on the Amusements, go on the swans…

Can’t beat a good old park .. Wallace Park // Lady Dixon Park // Delamont Park

For a coffee shop, Vic Ryn is hard to beat, there are lots of other kids (so you don’t need to worry if yours have a tantrum) and there is a dedicated play area with lots of toys for the children. It also has the most amazing scones and tray bakes, as well as lunch options!

Still on my list is:
Armagh Planetarium
C&Js Petting Farm
Steam train Downpatrick
Eden Pottery
Tayto Park
Slieve Donard / Titanic for visiting Santa

Also, keep an eye out on your local councils Facebook pages for specific events, we are going to:
Lisburn The Whispering wood in Hillsborough Forest 

If anyone has any others places, please let me know.. 

Next one will be wedding related.. I promise.

Love Kate

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