It’s not all about the presents… BUT!

I posted this a couple of months ago, just on my Sprinkles of Love facebook page, so now that I actually have a blog, I thought I would post it on here as well!

Sitting in Church a few Sunday mornings ago, my husband and I were chatting to a friend about Christmas, when I heard my darling, generous, kind husband …. say how he got a £100 restaurant voucher from a friend for Christmas. Which all sounds completely fine … unless … you knew he had given me that for Christmas as MY Christmas present and not said anything! Which is exactly what happened!! Chris didn’t stop at just giving me the voucher, he told me how it’s one of the best restaurants around, he had been looking at the menu, we’ll have to book in early as it’s really popular.. he went the whole hog!! (LOL)

This unfortunately isn’t the first bad present experience Chris has had though, as for my birthday 2 years ago he hadn’t got me anything and wanted to run into Belfast on my birth-day to get it, but the best bit was he had lost his debit card and asked if he could borrow mine! The year after… it wasn’t much better, he made me wait in the car as he ran into.. wait for it… Tesco to get my birthday present.. I swiftly brought that present back… and no I did not give him my debit card to buy the other present!

However, as funny as those presents may sound (upon reflection may I add!!) Chris has actually given me some amazing presents!! So I thought I would share some with you men to help with the inevitable birthdays/Christmases/valentines/anniversaries.. it’s not easy being a man!


Present Numero 1.0

Sitting in my living room one evening, about to watch TV.. the doorbell rang… and who appears? A mobile beautician, which Chris had arranged to give me a back massage and a facial! (This was such a nice surprise!)

Present Numero 2.0

I received a Moonpig card in the post, with three ladies in blue… he then wrote three clues inside for me to guess what the present was… and… he had booked the Dirty Dancing Musical in London for that weekend. It was one of the best trips ever!!!

Present Numero 3.0

The year after London.. Sitting watching TV with Chris, he turned off the TV, and said he had a surprise for my birthday. So off to Dublin we went, for a thai massage, dinner and a show. However, that night he said he had another surprise, which we had to get up really early for!! So at 5am we got up and went for a 45 minute drive to the middle of nowhere, I had no idea what we were going to do but then I saw it.. a Hot Air Balloon! Off we set, and half way through the journey, Chris pointed over the hills and my eyes dropped to a little red ribbon that was hanging outside the basket. I started pulling it, and came across little pieces of paper which he had attached little notes onto and at the bottom he had a Thornton’s bar of chocolate which said ‘Will’, just as I was about to ask what it meant, Chris was down on one knee and proposed!

I think I’ll end with a high, there have been lots more, such as, the personalised pillow to keep me company midweek, the news report on how he’d actually remembered my anniversary (written by him), trips away.. I just need to remember these times when I’m presented with the ‘restaurant-esque’ presents!





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