Spain 2014
Travellers: Chris, Pete, Jocelyn and me  

Ahh Spain, what a delight you were!! After working 7day weeks since Christmas, with only a handful of days off – it was so nice to come to the sun and relax! Granted, it took me at least two days to actually switch off, with all things bridal still going around in my head! We headed off with Chris’ best man, and his fiancée who are set to tie the knot next month in Mexico!! And we had an amazing time! We all came with the intention to lie by the pool and chill and that’s exactly what we did! I brought along my kindle and read three books, yes I’m that social, while lying by the pool… with the beats coming from Pete’s phone, which was placed inside a saucepan to project the sound – a good tip if you ever forget your speakers! Plus, I am definitely not complaining that Jocelyn is a domestic Goddess, she had breakfast all prepared for us on the first day and as we lay by the pool later in the day, she arrived with lunch! I think Chris got a taste of what he’s missing out on… as I am the complete opposite! Is it bad of me that I pretended I was just in the door from work last night, and that’s why I hadn’t started dinner?? Haha, granted I had worked until 9pm?? Chris then came home and made the yummiest enchiladas, so really I’m just helping his cooking flourish, right?

Anyway, back to Spain, the flight was at 5pm, which meant we had the morning to chill and get the house clean and tidy, does anyone else like coming home to a clean house? Drove down to Dublin, even got to go to the executive lounge and had some little treats… Nom Nom Nom! Then we rushed to the gate, I think Chris and I need to re-think our time philosophy! We had a smooth flight, arrived in Murcia, picked up our car (the Big P… Picasso), found a little Chinese restaurant, had a three-course meal for 8euro and headed onto our villa.


The rest of the holiday was made up of glorious sunshine, chilling, shopping and eating. Shopping in Spain is one of my favourite things to do!! I just love the Spanish shops; I love Zara, and all the shoe shops, plus everything is so reasonable!! We also found frozen yogurt… I love it; if you haven’t tried any… you’re missing out!


This time on holiday, we had the best of luck in choosing the best restaurants to eat in, usually when Chris and I go on holiday we find the worst restaurants, as we leave it too late, then we’re starving and settle for anywhere. This time though we found authentic Spanish restaurants, where the menu was even in Spanish, had paella and really good food in general, even on the beach while watching the sun set!


On one of the days, we ventured to Valencia! Up early and arrived there just before lunch, we got a bit of a shocker when driving along the toll we were hit with a €21.95 fee, not quite like Ireland when it’s around €3! We took a dander around, with our walking sat nav AKA Pete, saw all the main sites and then hit the best place of all… The Beach! A snooze in the sun, and a swim in the sea… Bliss! On the way home we stopped off at a place we’ve been to many times, Xabia and it was so beautiful! The sun was setting, and we had cocktails and a pizza overlooking the sea! Chris, bless him, drove us home safely as the rest of us slept in the car!


On Pete & Jocelyn’s last day, how did we spend it…? By the pool of course, playing vollies in the pool, if you’re not familiar with this game, it’s basically keeping the ball in the air without letting it drop and getting to 100. Sounds easy but we probably played it for the best part of 50 minutes, Jocelyn and I then resumed our place back on our sun lounger, and the boys continued, then announcing they got to 320… Doubtful, but yes little does amuse the innocent! That night we dropped the guys off at the airport, and decided to go back to watch Britain’s Got Talent, yes, we are sad! However, without our human sat nav we got lost and missed it, so decided we’d go to Cartagena instead. We arrived and first port of call, was… Zara, I promise we were just walking past! We walked around the city, which was hiving and then our luck ran out, we were starving, we settled and our meal was disgusting… We headed back!


We had a couple more days to lie by the pool, relax and then we also headed home! I had an amazing time away, I am definitely refreshed, and ready to make some changes to Ivory & Pearl, with new designers coming in (watch this space), new 2015 collections and an extra changing room to add. Lots to be organising!!


Love Kate


Jocelyn and I in Alehop.. buying our new shades!




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