A new Wedding Dress Collection at Ivory & Pearl

Saturday night and I’m sitting in front of the T.V watching Alan Carr:Chatty Man, still working away! We had a really busy day today, meeting lots of new brides, I think there might just be one or two brides-to-be dreaming of wedding dresses tonight!! ;0) To be honest, I dream of them most nights!!! 

Last week I had a fantastic trip in London, my mum (AKA my Buyer), my aunt (AKA my Accountant) and I headed over to London to see the 2014 collections. As Ivory & Pearl is only open, I was really only going over to be nosey! I was very relieved to see though, that we already do have the nicest wedding dresses of each of our bridal collections, I know I am biased, but I promise we do! I bought a few new wedding dresses, it’s so hard not to, which will be with us in September!

It was nice being the one visiting though, as it made me realise how different some dresses look when you try them on in comparison to seeing them on the hanger! This means that I might torture more brides in to trying completely different wedding dresses on to what they had imagined, as dresses really do look better on than they do hanging (and sometimes vice versa). It also made me realise how nice it is to get a cuppa when you arrive, I do always try to offer a cup of tea or coffee when anyone visits, if you do come and I don’t.. just ask. I sometimes just get caught up chatting about weddings and forget, or I’ve simply just ran out of milk (but Tescos in just across the road)!!

*New Wedding Dresses*

I am very, very excited though to be receiving NEW wedding dresses next month from Caroline Atelier, Caroline is based in Cork and her dresses are going to be stocked exclusively in Ivory & Pearl in Northern Ireland. Caroline Atelier have appeared in You and Your Wedding Magazine, Brides Magazine, the Wedding Journal Magazine and also won numerous awards for their wedding dresses! If you are looking for a vintage wedding dress, Caroline’s wedding dresses are perfect! Here is a sneak peek at one fabulous dress, which is completely different, called Sienna. Check out the photo below!! There is also a beautiful tulle wedding dress, and a fab high neck wedding dress, and.. you get the point 🙂 I can’t wait to show our brides the new dresses!

I am off to finish a little bit of work, before my hubby and I head off to the Radisson Roe for Bank Holiday Monday, thanks to my lovely mother-in-law 🙂 Of course I will be contactable via phone and e-mail (I never switch off!) 

PS- If you’re ever in Limavady… eat in The Classic!!

ivory & pearl Wedding Dresses

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The world of Ivory & Pearl


I hope you’re all keeping well!!!

Everything is going really well, with me and Ivory & Pearl. We have sold over 10 wedding dresses now, and every single one of them has been different, which I absolutely love! I am loving that brides are choosing different styles, and also a little relieved that you are liking my taste in dresses! I know I said before, but that is far more than I expected, so thank-you! It also means that I have convinced my husband to buy more dresses, yippee!! Bless him, instead of enjoying himself, I’m telling him we need to save to buy more pretty wedding dresses, and in a man’s world it just doesn’t seem fair!! 

However, he shouldn’t really complain (right ladies?), as after working 2 years in Cork, he has been transferred to Belfast and he has me to wake up to every morning. Although, he gets up and I roll over to go back to sleep for another 2 hours, that doesn’t really seem fair either, but I suppose life isn’t fair! Honestly though, having him home has been amazing! Chris (my hubby) got offered a great job over 2 years ago, the only down side was that it was in Dublin and Cork, at the time it felt like the right decision, and we got through it surprisingly well, despite a few tears, and a quite a few lonely nights, we both threw ourselves into work. I spent most of my evenings, researching wedding dresses and Chris built up a career in property. He’s now been transferred though, and it has been amazing having him home as Chris and I have the best laugh together, life is a whole lot of fun with him around and having him around more, I now know I could never do the long distance thing again! I am also regretting a little that we’ve been apart for 2 years, on one hand, I am so (so!) glad we did it, as we both have jobs we absolutely love, which is a big plus, but I also feel like we missed out on lots, like the anniversaries, birthdays that we spent apart, even the silly anniversaries like, ‘our first date’, ‘when we got engaged’. I feel very blessed though, that we did it, that he’s home now and I’m really enjoying the time we have together.. Crazy Tuesdays tonight I think!

Anyway, less about me and more about the wedding dresses! So a lot has been going on, mainly me trying to organise Bridal Fairs, Sample Sales, Designer Weekends and a trip to see the 2014 collections, which I am very excited about! I have shortened it all and highlighted the main things…. enjoy!

2014 Collection
This weekend, I am going to check out some new wedding dresses for 2014 in London! I have had a few sneaks peeks and they are looking delicious, stunning back details, with sheer illusion necklines, which I love! I am very excited to see them in real life, and not only will I be looking at the new collections from my current designers, but also a few potential designers to bring into Ivory & Pearl! So keep an eye out on our Facebook Page, for more updates and (more importantly) photos!!

As I will be bringing new stock in, I will also be having a mini-sample sale, this means that I will be selling around a quarter of my stock for up to 60% off, so this is definitely an opportunity to grab a bargain!! This will be on the 7th and 8th June.. I have popped up a Sample Sale album on Facebook with photos of the dresses that will be included, I’m adding to it daily… check it out! To book an appointment, call 02891871135 or e-mail: kate@ivoryandpearl.com

Naomi Neoh Designer Weekend
I am also hoping to have a designer weekend on 5th-7th July 2013 for Naomi Neoh, this simply means more of Naomi Neoh’s dresses in for just one weekend, as well as 15% off all her wedding dresses! I am just confirming dates with Naomi Neoh at the moment, but 5-7th July is looking gooood!! 

So my hubby and I are getting away on a mini-break in June (whoopeee!) I am going to close the boutique as it’s only for 7 days, but we will still be open for action on all Saturdays, as they’re so busy and you will all be in very capable and friendly hands when I am away!! I will still be contactable via e-mail, so to book an appointment, just e-mail me and I’ll get straight back to you! 

Opening Hours
I absolutely L.O.V.E running Ivory & Pearl, I have had the best few months E.V.E.R! Like any job, there is one down side, and mine is that I’m not busy enough, it sounds crazy but going from working full time and setting Ivory & Pearl up in my spare time to just working normal hours has taken a lot of getting used to! Understandably I am super busy evenings, Fridays and Saturdays and quiet during the day mid-week as everyone is working! Some days I wants girls just to come in and try on dresses, even if they’re not getting married.. just to give me a bit of craic! So I have decided to close Mondays, and start a little later Wednesdays and Thursday’s. This does not mean that you can’t book appointments on Mondays, Wednesday or Thursday mornings, as you ABSOLUTELY can… PLEASE do!! It just means that I won’t be in the boutique unless an appointment has been arranged. I always say it’s best to make an appointment any way, as I am doing a little bit of work on other projects, such as Sprinkles of Love (my other little business) and a little bit of consultancy, so sometimes I am out of the boutique, but I am always contactable on e-mail and my mobile (07828719131).

Have a lovely week!

Kate xxx

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Why I set up Ivory & Pearl (and a sneaky wedding dress pic!)

Soo.. Ivory & Pearl has now officially been open for over a month, some beautiful brides have found THEE dress, and it is all very exciting!

There are a few recurring questions I get asked about myself and the boutique, so I thought I would put some of the answers up here…

1.0 How long have I been married?

I got married two years ago this summer, on a dry but windy day on the 12th August 2011 at Lissanoure Castle. I had a fantastic day, with all of my family and friends, eating some amazing food by Jane’s Kitchen and dancing the night away with Haste to the Wedding. It just flew in, and if I could convince my husband to renew our vows… I totally would!

2.0 What was my wedding dress like?

My wedding dress was by Jenny Packham, it was the first high neck one I found (after searching very high, and very low)! When I try to describe it, I say it had roses around the neck and a big band around the middle. I don’t know what kind of image that conjures up though, so I thought I would add a picture, see picture below by Ten21 ivoryandpearlweddingdress 

3.0 What made me set up Ivory & Pearl Bridal Boutique?

Well.. from the age of 14 I have worked in every industry imaginable, from carrying my big red bag and delivering the Belfast Telegraph, to telesales, a beauticians, TV wholesalers, a shredding company, Next, Gap.. and so on. After school, I started doing a degree in Social Work, but during my summer job in the summer after the first year of university, the company I was working for, offered me a full time job if I changed my degree to Business Studies, so I swiftly changed! And it was one of the best decisions I ever made, as I learnt so much about business through my degree and work experience, I got exposure to a lot of situations I would have otherwise never have got! It was then that I knew I wanted to open my own business one day, I just didn’t know what!

Fast forward August 2011, after getting married myself, I set up Sprinkles of Love, where I did (and still do!) hire table decorations and make bespoke, shabby chic signs. I started this out as a hobbie alongside my full time job, as my husband had got a job in Dublin and I was home alone every week night. So more than anything, it was something to keep me busy in the evenings. I absolutely loved doing it though, I loved working with brides, thinking of new ideas and just looking at weddings in general. Through Sprinkles of Love, I got to learn a whole lot more about weddings, by going to bridal fairs, meeting other suppliers etc. It was then that I realised that the business I was going to set up, had to be something to do with weddings, because:

A) I was passionate about it!
B) I knew a lot about it!
C) I knew I could bring something different to Northern Ireland 😉

And I do want Ivory & Pearl to offer something different! I want us to have wedding dresses that are new to Northern Ireland, wedding dresses that are classy, elegant, vintage, different and perfect for the fashion forward bride. I am so pleased with some of our dresses, Claire Pettibone, Sarah Janks, Anna Maier, so many of our designers are exactly the style I wanted when I set up Ivory & Pearl and I am so glad that we have them! I also want Ivory & Pearl to offer a great customer service, for brides to enjoy the experience of visiting our boutique and of course for you to find the dress you love and look amazing in it! 

Lots of Love
Kate xxx



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Exciting Times!

I am the kind of person who never switches off.. the person who is hoovering around your feet when you’ve just sat down with a cuppa, the one who has all the dishes washed from dinner… before you’ve even eaten your meal and who even replies to e-mails at 3am!

However, this weekend, I tried my best to chill! Chris got St. Patricks Day off, which also falls on his birthday, so I decided to take it off too. I think I was a lot more tired than I thought I would be getting accustomed to a new working life, and as I was in a car accident on my first day of work, it also took a lot out of me. However, as Chris currently has a broken foot, we thought we’d postpone his birthday celebrations, and relax instead.. and it was great! We had dinner at a friends, watched Saturday Night Take Away (gotta love Ant & Dec!) we went to church, went to my aunts for Sunday dinner, watched Got to Dance (also gotta love Ashley Banjo!) went to see Side Effects at the cinema(takes a little while to get into, but worth a watch) and the rest of the time, I sat down with a cuppa tea and read Me Before You.. definitely worth a read!

So now I feel refreshed and ready to start a new week! I’m excited to start working with Visionary Veils who are making Ivory & Pearl a few bespoke veils to match our wedding dress collection. I am having a meeting this week to discuss working with a new jewellery company (wait until you see their items!) Our dresses will be in Ulster Bride and the Wedding Journal this month! The rest of my Anna Maier collection is arriving (check out their Bianca gown)! One amazing photographer will be photographing some of our gowns in a Beach Boho photo shoot! We are running a small competition with Hastings Hotel, watch out on Facebook! And more…

I am really looking forward to seeing some of you this week in the boutique, that’s the part I love most about my job!

Have a lovely week!

I’m off back to my book… 

Lots of love



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