So today is my birthday, I’m at the age now were I don’t want to think about being another year older! The year just seems to fly by – you just get used to bring one age and then Bam! you’re another year older!

This year though, we have a beautiful baby girl to celebrate with! She has definitely turned our world upside down. People kept saying to me “nothing prepares you for a baby” and I honestly thought to myself, I work 7 day weeks, I’m used to working hard and then Daisy came along and I understood what they meant! Especially in the initial weeks, as it’s lack of sleep, now though, we have got into a routine and I absolutely love having time off with Daisy and just relaxing and taking the day at our leisure! Life is super busy, I suppose having a baby and a business things were always going to be busy, then throw into the mix, a youth group with church we help out with and our house currently being up for sale, yes I think we are mad!

Daisy is amazing though, we call it ‘Daisy TV’ we just watch her for hours, sometimes she does nothing but next thing she’ll yawn, suck her fingers, sneeze, smile, it sounds ridiculous .. And it is! However, she’s our first and the first grand child so we’re all a little mesmerised! We are also extremely thankful for all the support they give us, we couldn’t do half of what we do without them!

Having Daisy for my birthday is amazing, but Chris is feeling the pressure, as rolled into one present – there is a “pushing present” apparently this is really a thing for having Daisy, and I’m definitely milking it, an anniversary present (from August, which slipped his mind and very nearly did mine too) and my birthday. Chris’ problem was that he set the bar too high when we dated and then he proposed in a hot air balloon (yes really)! I haven’t got it just yet…

We’ve a busy few weeks ahead with a Designer Weekend for Claire Pettibone (10th – 12th October 2014) and one for Naomi Neoh (1st – 2nd November 2014) coming up!! This means we’ll have the full collection of both in the boutique just for the weekend and 10% off all gowns purchased during the weekend! I love having designer weekends, and if they’re designers that you love.. it’s definitely worth coming to!

Love Kate


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