A little Q&A with the lovely Lynette Murray!

Give us a little background to who you are, what you do and how you ended up there.

Hi, I’m Lynette and run my own freelance hair business, Lynette Murray Hair. I’ve always loved hair, ever since I was a little girl and went with my Granny Lily to her hairdressers every week. I just loved seeing people be transformed. It always looked like the best job. When I left school, my parents encouraged me to get my education first, so I did my GCSE’s, A Levels and an HND in Marketing. I had many jobs but nothing fulfilled me. I was always wanting more and decided at 21 to give up a well paid job to become a trainee and be the best goddamn hairdresser I could be. Thankfully Patrick Mulholland in Holywood took the risk on me and took me on and trained me up and after 11 years under his wing, I took flight and went to work for David Smyth of Blue Hairdressing. Here I got to fulfil my creative passions and got to work on photo shoots, magazines and even the Rihanna music video and MTV awards. It really was a dream come true. I’ve always loved styling hair and creating soft natural upstyles. After a few weddings for clients and friends I really found my passion for making my brides feel themselves. It’s a true priviledge to be asked to create someones wedding look. With Davids help I was able to fulfil my dream of becoming self employed. It was scary to start, but I am so Happy I did. I work from Blue part time and have my wedding business also. It really is a great partnership I have with my salon life and freelance life. I am so lucky to have had such a good start in life that I can now honestly say, I have the best job in the world. I feel bad calling it a job. I get to travel all over the North and South of Ireland meeting wonderful people and creating hair. I love what I do. My moto in life is – LoveHair-LoveLife – This is so me xo

What do you love most about your job?

Everything!! Hehe, I get to meet amazing people, travel and come across some stunning venues and places. I’m a proper hair geek. I just love it all.

Is there a popular style or does each bride want something different?

Most brides have their own style and vision of how they want to be on their big day. With my style being more natural and soft, I tend to attract the really relaxed bride. I’m definitely seeing a trend of hair down which I love. Some go for half up, half down with natural flowers or if they opt for an upstyle, It’s always pinned up very soft so they don’t feel too exposed. Especially if brides aren’t used to having their hair up. It can be a shock to suddenly have it all away from their face.

How do you determine what hair style a bride should choose?

Personally, I love meeting up with my brides and talking all things wedding with them. We will sit over a coffee or green tea for me. Get a feel of the dress, the venue, the bride herself. It is so important to see the dress and get a really good vibe about what it is your bride wants. It’s my job to make her look and feel as close to her vision as possible. This is why we have trials. You can think you will want one look but as soon as you try it, you could hate it. I would never get offended if someone didn’t like what I was doing. That is what the trial is for. It is there to give my brides peace of mind. Sometimes we get it right first time, others it takes longer. My job as your bridal hairstylist is to make you feel a million dollars and I won’t stop until I do, hehe.

Would you recommend anywhere for brides to look for inspiration?

Of course, blogs like this are great for inspiration, as are wedding websites. Inspire wedding magazine is one of my favourites and it has everything you would need to plan your perfect day. JuneBug weddings and OneFabDay are great online blogs with amazing real life weddings to, to ogle over 

Is there a beauty/hair regime brides can follow on the lead up to their wedding?

YES, YES, YES. It is so important to keep your hair and skin healthy anyways but if you are planning your wedding at least a year in advance, that gives you plenty of time to get your hair fabulous. Conditioning treatments to repair any damage or just to keep it shiny and healthy, are always great. Get your hairdresser to recommend a good home care system also. Too much heat or chemical treatments on your hair will damage it over a period of time. You want to restore your natural elasticity and promote healthy hair. The same with your skin, a wee facial every now and then does your skin the world of good. Although, I wouldn’t recommend going just before your wedding day (especially if you havent in a long time), as facials can bring out wee pimples etc that may have been hiding under the skin.
Your diet and lifetsyle really effect your hair and skin. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthier will really help with your complexion and the condition of your hair. Happy body + Happy mind = Happy hair and skin

Have you come across any beautiful hair accessories?

All the time, from floral crowns to delicate handmade pieces. I see some of the most beautiful hair accessories. Sandra from Blue Meadow Bridal and Megan from Couture Bridal Accessories make stunning head pieces and veils. I love both their styles.

Do brides need their accessories before their trial?

Not necessarily. Sometimes a bride won’t be too sure of how they want their hair and if you go ahead and purchase a head piece, it may not fit in with the end hair style or it may be too heavy for your hair type. It is always better to discuss with your bridal hairstylist ideas of what will go with your dress etc or the style of hair and hair type.

Have you any advice for brides on the morning of their wedding?

Try to stay calm. Remember you’re marrying the love of your life and your best friend. If you can have your bridal team come to you, I would highly recommend that. Running around from salon to beauticans and worrying about traffic and keeping everyone on schedule is way too stressful. Stay in one place and have us run around after you. It’s your special day and you should be able to either sit in your PJ’s in the comfort of your own home or hotel. Feet up and be pampered. It’s your wedding day and deserve to feel special.

What did you enjoy most about your wedding day?

Walking up the aisle and seeing Neal’s face. He just looked so handsome and I couldn’t wait to call him my husband.
The whole day was magicial and I would do it again in a heart beat, to Neal of course 😉

How can brides get in touch?


E: lynettemurrayhair@icloud.com
M: 07974642514




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New Adventures: Willow & Thread

Firstly apologies for the radio silence on the blogging front, I promise we haven’t been napping or having cups of tea!! We have been working on a very exciting new project… as NEXT week; we are opening a new fashion boutique!!

Let me start at the beginning… last November I wanted a new challenge, yes a 6 month old and one business was not enough… and after contemplating bridesmaids for sooo long, nothing ever ‘felt right’ and I didn’t want to jump into something I didn’t feel 100% about! As when you own your own business… trust me, you need to love it heart and soul! So sitting merrily eating my lunch, I had a bright idea – I would open fashion!! I rang a few people, but before long the wheels were in motion… and that was that. What girl doesn’t want her own wardrobe and let’s face it, as much as I want to, I can’t walk around town in wedding dresses!!

So before long, I was researching designers, and trying to get a feel for who we were going to be. I will be totally honest, researching Ivory & Pearl was a doddle, as my husband was living and working in Cork and I had all the time in the world… but researching fashion, well one husband returned home (thankfully) and we had a 6 month old who needs love and attention and as well as that we decided to move house! Whoever says no-one can multi-task need to ask women all over the world… these last 8 months, have probably been the craziest of my life!

So I spoke to the designers of Ivory & Pearl, and they came up with the very fitting name of Willow & Thread (I love the design of the ampersand!) I attended a few shows, but stock took a little longer than expected to arrive, so yes from the idea to now, it’s nearly a year… but we’re there, well nearly! I am currently sitting in a very messy room, with empty boxes and clothes galore. But we have set our deadline for the 12th September 2015. So for then I need to, clean, price clothes, steam clothes, finish homepage, promote new shop, print signage, print fliers, pay suppliers, clean again, post a little something something to our beautiful Ivory & Pearl brides as a little thank-you… and so on! But hey ho, with no launch date we’d get absolutely nothing done!

So, really I want to thank you for the support of Ivory & Pearl, and giving me this opportunity to try something new. I’ll try my hardest to bring something a little different and offer the best service possible! It will be a work in progress, as website won’t be launching for a good few months, and we will have new designers arriving in the New Yea. We are however, (for now) in the same building as Ivory & Pearl… just next door. So if you’re in for an appointment – you can go and take a nosey before/after your appointment, we have (lots of) clothes, accessories, jewellery and little bits and bobs. Our address is: 1st Floor, The Georgian House, 14 The Square, Comber, BT23 5DT and our Facebook is: www.facebook.com/willowandthreadboutique


Love Kate



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1st Floor, The Georgian House, 14 The Square, Comber, Co. Down, BT23 5DT, N. Ireland