A re-introduction

Ivory & Pearl has been open for such a long time now, I feel like I need to re-introduce myself! We’re in our forth year with literally hundreds of Ivory & Pearl brides, it’s still a little surreal – and we still love it!

So, who am I? My name is Kate Speers (formerly Clingen) I married my lovely husband Chris Speers, if you’re from Comber you may possibly know him, five years ago this summer and we have two children Daisy and Jack (thought I’d add a photo, sure why not, here we are at the zoo last week below).

After doing Business Studies at University, and working in the corporate world for seven years, I decided it was time to set out on my own, so I did! My vision for Ivory & Pearl was a Bridal Boutique that had wedding dresses that weren’t stocked anywhere else in Northern Ireland or Ireland. Dresses for the modern bride, who wants a dress that’s a little fashion forward, that is unique and represents them! And that is now what we stock, with designers such as, Claire Pettibone, Naomi Neoh, Anna Campbell, Catherine Deane, Claire Pettibone Romantique, Flora and Karen Willis Holmes.

I personally LOVE our dresses, when I look along the rails now, I would HAPPILY wear each and every one of them!

We are always on the look out for new designers and have done a lot of designer weekends this year for visiting designers and it’s been a great way to see new and different gowns!

We are based in the lovely Georgian House in Comber, it really is lovely! Wooden floors, chandeliers, and fires which are always lit in the Autumn/Winter months! I went out one day to find a premises and on my first day, found the Georgian House – it even has a tea house / restaurant downstairs – it was meant to be!

As well as myself in the boutique (although I’m off for a little while on maternity at the moment). There is Kathryn, who is fantastic, you will most likely have met her if you’ve been in Ivory & Pearl or Willow & Thread recently as she works full time and has been with us for nearly a year, Sharon who also owns Innocent Chaos and Sara who is Chris’ cousin and studying to do midwifery (so if you’re nervous about bringing pregnant family/friends… we have you covered!)

In September, we also opened a fashion boutique Willow & Thread, which is right next door. So if you have a bridal appointment with us be sure to pop in! (I also then had our second baby and moved house all within the space of three months, not one to do anything in halves)!

To book an appointment, give us a call on 028 9187 1135 or email hello@ivoryandpearl.com

Don’t forget we can also bring in most dresses from any of our designers even if we don’t stock that particular dress! So if you spy a gown online – drop us an email. And if you’d like to speak to me directly – just email kate@ivoryandpearl.com

You can also follow us on:
Instagram @ivoryandpearl
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AND follow us on Willow & Thread
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Love Kate



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Lime Park Photo Shoot

My o My, Lime Park is one of the most beautiful venues E.V.E.R, it really is a labour of love by Shelly and her brother, as they have devoted so much of their time to it, from the watering can tap (see photo below), to the hand made light bulbs, outdoor ceremony area, outdoor swing, this venue really is amazing. Shelly is so lovely, and the brides in the boutique can’t talk any more highly of her service!

Last year, I got involved in a photo shoot at Lime Park, to be honest though, I was a little over my head, this was the first time I had ever been involved in a photo shoot and I thought that you just find models, dresses, suits and *Wham Bam* the photographer takes the shots and they’re amazing… how wrong was I! Now I know, the endless hours that go into researching, getting the right look, keeping the theme throughout, the numerous Secret Pinterest Boards, and then of course, the staging, makeup artists, hair stylists, florists, photographers, editing, transportation to the venue, and then taking it all down, going home and sleeping for a week. Really, these photo shoots, take hours, days.. and thankfully I’ve become a lot better at contributing!

This shoot really did blow my mind, from seeing Lime Park for the first time, the styling by Mel at Mood Events and Grace from Grace & Saviour, and then seeing the final images from Ria at Creative Flux. She was actually ill on the day, so her partner, Paul (who isn’t even a photographer) captured the shots, with Ria later editing them.. he did such a smashing job!

The two shots I really love, are the watering can tap (of course) and Shelly’s car.. see below.. that is her actual car, and the wee photo of some of the team!!!

Love Kate
xxxlimepark1limepark2 limepark3 limepark4 limepark6 limepark7 limepark8 limepark9 DSC_1491
Wedding Dresses: Ivory & Pearl
Suits: SD Kells
Venue: Lime Park Cottages
Styling: Grace & Saviour / Mood Events
Make up: Make up by Tippy
Florist: Floral Earth
Photography: Creative Flux

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A Gorgeous Claire Pettibone Bride

I hope you’re all having a lovely relaxing Sunday!! We have had a great Sunday, Daisy slept from midnight through to 8am, up for 20mins and down again until 11am… which was just what I needed!! We then walked through St. George’s Market, bought a few prints from Mark Graham Fine Art and Daisy’s first Christmas decoration from Gail Gilmore Ceramics… then we ventured on into Belfast, bought socks, bottles and all those really exciting things!! Then off for dinner with my family to Scalini’s, my dad is in Russia at the moment and returns tomorrow, which I can’t wait for! Home to X Factor Results.. yes, I admit it, I follow it!! And now I thought I’d treat you all to a blog of Niamh’s wedding.. she was a real treat to have in the boutique! Every time she came in, I asked where she’d bought her outfit as she was dressed amazingly! Niamh looked just amazing in this gown, the first time she tried it on we all just fell in love with it, and the second time she visited, she tried on lots (just to make sure).. looked amazing in them all and then popped on Viola again and we all just knew it was the one!


Love Kate

n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 n7 n8 n9 n10 n12 n13 n14 n15 n16 n17

Photography by 4EVER PHOTOS
‘Here comes the Bride’ sign from Sprinkles of Love

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So today is my birthday, I’m at the age now were I don’t want to think about being another year older! The year just seems to fly by – you just get used to bring one age and then Bam! you’re another year older!

This year though, we have a beautiful baby girl to celebrate with! She has definitely turned our world upside down. People kept saying to me “nothing prepares you for a baby” and I honestly thought to myself, I work 7 day weeks, I’m used to working hard and then Daisy came along and I understood what they meant! Especially in the initial weeks, as it’s lack of sleep, now though, we have got into a routine and I absolutely love having time off with Daisy and just relaxing and taking the day at our leisure! Life is super busy, I suppose having a baby and a business things were always going to be busy, then throw into the mix, a youth group with church we help out with and our house currently being up for sale, yes I think we are mad!

Daisy is amazing though, we call it ‘Daisy TV’ we just watch her for hours, sometimes she does nothing but next thing she’ll yawn, suck her fingers, sneeze, smile, it sounds ridiculous .. And it is! However, she’s our first and the first grand child so we’re all a little mesmerised! We are also extremely thankful for all the support they give us, we couldn’t do half of what we do without them!

Having Daisy for my birthday is amazing, but Chris is feeling the pressure, as rolled into one present – there is a “pushing present” apparently this is really a thing for having Daisy, and I’m definitely milking it, an anniversary present (from August, which slipped his mind and very nearly did mine too) and my birthday. Chris’ problem was that he set the bar too high when we dated and then he proposed in a hot air balloon (yes really)! I haven’t got it just yet…

We’ve a busy few weeks ahead with a Designer Weekend for Claire Pettibone (10th – 12th October 2014) and one for Naomi Neoh (1st – 2nd November 2014) coming up!! This means we’ll have the full collection of both in the boutique just for the weekend and 10% off all gowns purchased during the weekend! I love having designer weekends, and if they’re designers that you love.. it’s definitely worth coming to!

Love Kate


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Christmas 2013

Awh Christmas 2013 what a treat you were! This was my first 9 days off since we opened and it was idyllic! I love Christmas holidays because it’s the one time everybody’s off at the same time! Last year, when I was still working in marketing, we did a campaign at the airport 8am-6pm all over Christmas. I hated it, as my husband was off the whole time and I was rolling out of bed to work for the day as he lay on.


However, this year we were both off and we ate far too much, slept far too much and did far too little, but that’s what Christmas is all about, right?


We also had a quick trip to Hamburg to visit friends, which was really great! Actually my one and only time as Cupid, as I went to school with David and introduced him to my Great-Aunts Granddaughter six years ago, they’re now married and expecting their first baby in February! We spent the majority of our time visiting the German Markets, eating out, shopping, playing Settlers of Catan and watching Person of Interest… check them out! As a city to live in, it’s gorgeous, for sights though, Number Five on Trip Advisor is a tunnel under the river…


We didn’t go big on Christmas presents this year; I got Chris tickets to hear William Caulfield, Rapidough (we’re building up our collection of games, is that sad?) and I got a trip away to Lyrath Hotel, which looks beaut etc etc. I also made a photo book, of our big family holiday to America, which we all went on two years ago, for mum, dad and Chris. If you want to take a nosey, it’s here: http://www.photobox.co.uk/creation/2286336495


We also joined David Lloyd’s over Christmas, it’s SUCH a nice gym… and I found out that you can listen to your iPod while swimming; I think I might get a few funny looks if I invested in one though!


Now, we are into January and it’s super busy, with 52% of people getting engaged over Christmas and New Year. We have lots of bridal fairs booked in and we’re in the process of organising our designer weekends and sample sales 🙂 I’ll keep you all updated.


Love Kate


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