What a treat it is to get professional photographs of one of our brides, these photographs of Suzanne and her hubby were captured by Pop Photography. It was a pleasure to have Suzanne in the boutique, she knew exactly the style she loved! And I absolutely LOVE how it all came together, she looks amazing!!

Plus Ballymagarvey is SUCH a beautiful wedding venue!

Sit back and enjoy XO



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Let’s be honest.. whatever dress Ciara put on she would have been stunning, but she looks exceptionally beautiful in this stunning Catherine Deane gown, and these photographs are amazing! I love receiving these photographs in my inbox, and it’s not very often I get time to upload them to my website, so this really is a real treat! I’ll let the photographs do the talking, as I go take my children out of the biscuit cupboard at 9:06am with the picnic bag and the plan to have a snack in the other room .. away from mummy and dear knows what delights included – I would say a lot of chocolate!!!!

Love Kate

Ciara said:

“Hi Kate!

Hows things?! I am SO sorry I never got back to with some photos until now. Its been a crazy few months! I have attached a few of our professional photos as promised! I honestly cant thank you enough for being so lovely and so helpful and so understanding! You made finding my dream dress such an exciting and special time- I just wish I could do it all again as I you seriously have too many amazing dresses!! I’ll just have to make do with drooling over your instagram account! 
All the best with your business- I know it will just grow and grow!
Best wishes

ivory and pearl bride ciara 7

ivory and pearl bride ciara 4

ivory and pearl bride ciara 5

ivory and pearl bride ciara 6


ivory and pearl bride2

ivory and pearl bride ciara 10

ivory and pearl bride ciara 3


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Our Beautiful Bride Lizzie & Andrews Wedding!

Wow what a happy couple, looking through these photographs I couldn’t help but smile! Surely this is what getting married is all about?

Congratulations to you both, Lizzie you looked stunning in your dress I hope you had the most wonderful day it definitely looked as if you did.

Sit back & enjoy these photos.

Love Kathryn


Photography by Navy Blur




AL 0527

AL 0240

AL 0811








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New Year Resolutions…

Have you made any? Broken any? Don’t worry there’s always next year, and if you haven’t made any.. there’s still time!

With the Christmas extravaganza officially over & the New Year well & truly brought in; many feel the January blues are upon them. Some are upset that Santa has been and gone and that the Christmas holidays are over for another year, some have put on a little extra bit of cushioning after indulging on too many Mince Pies and are feeling the effects. You are also probably counting down the days until pay day as Christmas has well & truly left a hole in your back pocket. So as the ‘New Year’ ‘New Me’ sayings begins so does the New Year Resolutions. For many, it often feels like a forced way to make a change. After all, if you really wanted to make a change, why wait until January. If you’re serious about making a change, it’s important that you put specific goals in place in order to achieve success. And the great thing about resolutions is they don’t have to just live in your personal life; they can be a powerful aid to help you grow your business, as well.

Last Year I took up the resolution of cutting out Chocolate & as I am a self proclaimed chocoholic who loves nothing more than a bar of diary milk there was little faith that I could do it however it’s amazing what determination and a little bit of stubbornness can do to a person. It taught me that once you set your mind to something there is very little that can stop you from achieving it. It is a great time to exercise your own individual will power.

This year I haven’t come up with one, so I thought I would look into a few ideas. I looked online & found a few resolutions I would opt for, the one that appealed to me most would be to “schedule “me” time, turning off my phone, computer and other electronic devices.” I would get told quite a lot that I couldn’t cope without my phone as I am always glued to it so I think an hour or two a day social media free perhaps in the evening when you’re sitting down with your family would be good to switch the phone off & interact more in conversation, I feel this would be a good way to start 2016!

Below are a few other ideas:

• Write one handwritten letter a month to someone special
• Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators to get daily exercise
• Walk or ride your bike to places instead of driving
• Cook at home more often—you will learn new cooking skills and save money.
• Do something out of your comfort zone.
• Be more willing to talk to others and learn something about strangers.
• Sign up for a dance or art class.
• Start running a little further each time you run.
• Read one new book each month.
• Turn off the Internet and television and read a book before falling asleep.

Love Kathryn


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December Update

So the one night my daughter goes to bed at a normal bed time and my hubby wants an early night, I forget to bring my laptop home .. as I can always do some work! Apparently there’s a saying called ‘chill out’ but I’m just not very good at it!! I get so bored so quickly, but to be honest the weather is so bad at the moment I don’t want to step out my front door! Having a one and a half year old changes everything, getting showered, breakkie and out the door is a job in itself – never mind emptying the dish washer, hoovering and general tidying! Being a mum and a business owner, is always going to be busy! So I am extra prepared this Christmas – we have lots and lots of brides booked in for alterations for the New Year. My poor dress maker is getting some much needed rest before her absolutely crazy season starts again! 

We have lots organised for the New Year. We have a big sample sale organised for the first weekend in February and lots of Designer Weekends already booked in (details below). And we will be continuing to add to Willow & Thread! I CANNOT wait to meet Baby Number 2, but I CANNOT wait to fit normal clothes again so I can wear the clothes from Willow & Thread!!!

Sample Sale

One date not to be missed if you want a bargain, is the Collaborative Sample Sale that we do every year with six other bridal boutiques! We will have hundreds of wedding dresses from as little as £100, as well as accessories, veils and brooch bouquets. It’ll be at Malone Lodge Hotel – keep your eye on our Facebook Page for more details.

7th February 2016

Designer Weekends

Sally Eagle : a beautiful American designer, who we will have in the boutique for a very limited time! This will be her first time in Ireland, so get an appointment quick.
22nd – 24th January 2016

Anna Campbell THE GOSSAMER COLLECTION : yes you read that right, we have the beautiful Anna Campbell Gossamer Collection in the boutique for one weekend only! We get soo many e-mails about this collection, we just can’t wait until this weekend! 
29th – 31st January 2016

Catherine Deane
12th – 14th February 2016

Flora Bridal
19th – 21st February 2016

For now, though, let’s concentrate on Christmas (it’s the most wonderful time of the year).

Christmas Opening Hours

22nd : Open 10am – 5pm
23rd – 28th : Closed
29th : Open 10am – 5pm
30th : Closed
31st : Closed
1st : Closed

Then from the 2nd January on, we will be back to our normal opening hours!

Oh and did I mention there’s £120 Gift Voucher for Willow & Thread for every dress purchased in December. T&C apply.

Love Kate

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