Love and the Shoreline

Today I was involved in a photo shoot at Tullyveery House, with other amazing professionals within the bridal industry, honestly it blew my mind how spectacular everything looked, I cannot wait to share the entire shoot with you. However, in the mean time I thought I would share with you another shoot that Ivory & Pearl wedding dresses were used in last year! The photos are just outstanding by the extremely talented Paula O’Hara Photography! See all the other suppliers involved at the bottom <3



















Alise Taggart – Stylist
Cinematography – Story of Eve
Floral Earth – Florals, driftwood, hurricane vases,
Ursula Bamford – Headpieces,
Jennifer Ireland – Makeup
Lynette Murray – Hair
Ivory & Pearl – Wedding Dresses
Table 10 – Chivari chairs
Paperbark – Stationery
Ruta Mineikyte – Model
Piaras Smyth – Model
Cakes by James
J Bird Bakery – Macarons
Coppermoon – Rings
Innocent Chaos Jewellery – Feather bouquet

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Bridal Fairs!

It is peak season for Bridal Fairs at the moment, with Ivory & Pearl showcasing at 6 in the next few weeks, we are excited to meet more brides and show them our pretty 2014 wedding dresses! We also only have 2 Sundays off between now and the end of April due to Bridal Fairs and Designer Weekends, so we’re closing a few Monday’s to rest up so we’ve lots of energy with you guys in the boutique!

We have just finished the Quirky Wedding Fair and what a show it was!! I bribed my 13 year old sister to help this time, and she was amazing, I called her just before 8am on Sunday, and she was up and ready to set up our stand, stood all day and then helped take it all down and drive it back to the boutique! Not a dream Sunday afternoon for a young girl, but she’s great and even knows most of our designers!! I just can’t wait until she’s a little older, to come and work in the boutique! We also had two gorgeous models walking around in our wedding dresses, who we left to man the stand for a sneaky 30 minutes to go and see all the other exhibitors! Anna and I had the best time, we had our caricature taken by Inkwell Cartoon & Caricature, our photos taken in the Rent a Booth NI photo booth, Clubmugs gave us amazing branded mugs and of course lots and lots of free chocolates, shortbread, not to mention, that the Quirky girls also gave us all a BIG bar of Cadbury’s, which was devoured by the end of the fair (don’t tell anyone!!)

Our gorgeous model Hannah (don’t mind the Aida poster behind :-S!)

photo 1
Inkwell Cartoon & Caricature (also evidence of our empty bar of Cadburys peaking out!)




Anna found her perfect man!!!

photo 2

There were some amazing exhibitors, I wish I had photos of more but here are a few of our favourites:

Limepark – gorgeous quirky venue in the North Coast!

photo 4

Innocent Chaos

innocent chaos photo

Paper Bark


Not forgetting, the amazing, Grace & Saviour, 17twelve, Cinematic Tide, Music Matters, Mood Events, Tippy Make up Artist, Gillian Cargo Hair Design.. there are just too many to go through them all, take a nosey yourself at

Bridal Fairs Coming Up!

16th February 2014: Redcastle Hotel, Donegal, 2pm-5pm
21-23rd February 2014: The Wedding Journal Fair, Kings Hall, 3pm-8pm/12noon-6pm/12noon-6pm
2nd March 2014: Spectacular Vintage Fair, Carton House Hotel, 10am-5pm
9th March 2014: Culloden Hotel, 2pm-5pm
27th April 2014: Ballygally Castle, times TBC

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Wedding venues

I hope you all visited the Quirky Wedding Fair yesterday and got some great ideas for your wedding, as well as meeting some pretty cool people who run amazing wedding venues.

As wedding venues in Northern Ireland are like great, well kept secrets. When you type ‘wedding venues northern Ireland’ into google (I’m sure you’ve done it!) there you have some beautiful hotels, the ones in the centre of Belfast, the Hastings Group which have stunning hotels. If however, you want something a little different, not because you don’t like hotels, just because. Then I thought I’d help you a little, and provide you with a few I have come across in the last few months. I can assure you I didn’t know of any of these when I was getting married. I was like many newly engaged couples- I didn’t have a clue! It did help that I’d been bridesmaid a few times but when it came to venues, caterers, even my wedding dress it was down to a whole lot of research!! It however didn’t help that I got married before the days of Pinterest or Facebook pages or wedding blogs. I write that like it was many years ago, it was however only three years ago and it’s amazing how much things have moved on even since then! 

Lately I have stumbled across some beautiful venues, which I would definitely recommend checking out. When you’re choosing a venue, there’s a few things to consider.

Is it within your budget?

Can you have your ceremony there as well, is that included in the price?

How far is it from your ceremony, it’s hard enough finding somewhere half way between your families but if you can find somewhere close enough to the ceremony if they’ve already travelled it might help them a little. If you’ve found the perfect venue and you want to travel, it’s no biggy just ensure there’s time for photos.

What are the extra costs, such as hiring the kitchen (yes this is a cost), extra guests, is VAT included?

Is there somewhere for everyone to sit in between the ceremony and dinner, think of your grandparents.

Will you be providing tea/coffee/canapés, can these be bought if you’re not (for your hungry guests!)

Are there nice places to get photographs taken?

Are your caterers included, if not, I absolutely love Jane’s Kitchen and I can personally recommend their food. Another one which I’ve heard raving reports about are the Yellow Door, a little more expensive but for the real foodies.

Here are a few places to help you with your search (just click the name and it’ll bring you to their website):

Ballyduggan Mill
Hillden Brewery
Lisaanoure Castle
Riverdale Barn
The Carriage Rooms at Montalto
The Ulster Museum
Tullyveery House

And don’t forget Marquees !!

If you do choose a venue that is a little bit off the beaten track, make sure that you include directions either in your invitation or at the ceremony.. you don’t want people getting lost!

Love Kate

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Exciting Times!

I am the kind of person who never switches off.. the person who is hoovering around your feet when you’ve just sat down with a cuppa, the one who has all the dishes washed from dinner… before you’ve even eaten your meal and who even replies to e-mails at 3am!

However, this weekend, I tried my best to chill! Chris got St. Patricks Day off, which also falls on his birthday, so I decided to take it off too. I think I was a lot more tired than I thought I would be getting accustomed to a new working life, and as I was in a car accident on my first day of work, it also took a lot out of me. However, as Chris currently has a broken foot, we thought we’d postpone his birthday celebrations, and relax instead.. and it was great! We had dinner at a friends, watched Saturday Night Take Away (gotta love Ant & Dec!) we went to church, went to my aunts for Sunday dinner, watched Got to Dance (also gotta love Ashley Banjo!) went to see Side Effects at the cinema(takes a little while to get into, but worth a watch) and the rest of the time, I sat down with a cuppa tea and read Me Before You.. definitely worth a read!

So now I feel refreshed and ready to start a new week! I’m excited to start working with Visionary Veils who are making Ivory & Pearl a few bespoke veils to match our wedding dress collection. I am having a meeting this week to discuss working with a new jewellery company (wait until you see their items!) Our dresses will be in Ulster Bride and the Wedding Journal this month! The rest of my Anna Maier collection is arriving (check out their Bianca gown)! One amazing photographer will be photographing some of our gowns in a Beach Boho photo shoot! We are running a small competition with Hastings Hotel, watch out on Facebook! And more…

I am really looking forward to seeing some of you this week in the boutique, that’s the part I love most about my job!

Have a lovely week!

I’m off back to my book… 

Lots of love



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  • February 28, 2013
Hello and Welcome to Ivory & Pearl Bridal Boutique.

I am so excited to open Ivory & Pearl, after months of researching gowns, accessories, websites, furniture, rails, mannequins, hangers.. yes hangers (it’s amazing what you spend your Saturday nights researching!!) we are finally opening! And I hope our research has paid off, as we have a beautiful boutique, with a range of wedding gowns that are new to Northern Ireland, some are even new to Ireland and we have one amazing designer new to the UK. My appointment book is already nearly full for the first week of opening, which is amazing… thank-you! I couldn’t have opened Ivory & Pearl, without a few very special people though and so I would just like to thank them quickly!

Firstly, Philip, thank-you for your advice, help, time and support over the last six months, and for telling me I can do it! As Director of 2 companies, you will be glad to hear that if it all falls apart (which it won’t) you will still have a great career ahead of you as a PA! 

Charlie (my mother-in-law), after working long hours, I would come home and Charlie would have dinner sitting waiting for me on my front door step! Thank-you for being so considerate and doing so much for Chris & I! 

Dad, simply for believing in me at all times! I think if I said that I was running for Prime Minister you would be right behind me.. okay may be not, but no matter what you always had faith that I could open my own business!
Mum, despite working full time, having two other children, there you were to help me at Bridal Fairs (standing for over 20 hours one weekend, to get up at 7am on Monday morning for work), helping me clean the boutique, marching around London with me to see all the designers (you should have seen us, on tube, off tube, on bus, off bus, walking a mile, and that was only one designer… it’s not as glamorous as it all sounds!) and I know you would like everyone to know that you helped me pick all the wedding gowns!!!

Mark and Anna (brother and sister), life would definitely not be as fun without you both! Mark, thank-you for helping me move all the items in and out of the boutique, and Anna for assisting all the brides-to-be at the bridal fairs. I can’t wait for you to come into the boutique to answer the phone for Ivory & Pearl.

Chris (my husband), after travelling 3.5 hours each way to work and back, many would think that your weekends would be a nice relaxing time, but unfortunately- it has been trips to B&Q, fabric shops, sofa shops, interior shops, The Georgian House umpteen times.. and instead of dinner on the table Friday night it has been a conked out wife on the sofa! Things will definitely change, but putting the dinner on the slow cooker before I go to work.. will not be happening! Thank-you for being so patient, and putting all your time and energy into helping me set up!

I would also like to thank, Slater Design for designing the ‘Ivory&Pearl’ logo, they really captured what I wanted my bridal boutique to be, and I love all the marketing literature. Home Creations, for making 2 bare rooms into a fully functional Bridal Boutique, I couldn’t recommend them more! Carol, for helping me with all fabric choices, after standing in the Cotton Print nearly in tears with all the fabric samples, your direction has been fantastic! And Sara, for helping me at all the bridal fairs, I know if I ever go on holiday, Ivory & Pearl will be in good hands!

Well that is the “thank-yous” over, I hope if/when you come into the boutique you enjoy the whole experience and a visit to Ivory & Pearl is memorable 🙂
Lots of Love
Kate xxx



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1st Floor, The Georgian House, 14 The Square, Comber, Co. Down, BT23 5DT, N. Ireland