Rachel’s Wedding 
Autumn 2013

We are in full swing Summer Season, that means choosing new dresses for 2015 collections, and lots and lots of wedding dresses arriving for our Summer 2014 weddings, our storage space is getting tighter and tighter… and tighter! We also absolutely love receiving photos from our previous brides, what I love about our wedding gowns is that we have exclusivity of a number of our designers, in either Northern Ireland, Ireland or Europe.. so when brides choose dresses they can rest easy that they’ll have a wedding dress that is unique to them!

Here are a few pics of Rachel from her wedding last year, the fab photos are taken by Carly Rodgers Photography! Rachel came in last year with only a matter of weeks before her wedding (yes it can be done!), she was so relaxed and just seemed to really enjoy the wedding prep, without stressing.. that’s the best way! It was a pleasure having Rachel and her family in the boutique! And now her sister is due to get married, so they’re back on the wedding dress hunt 🙂

PS- How pretty does her red front door look with all the leaves falling down!

Love Kate

wedding dresses ireland

wedding dresses ireland


wedding dresses ireland

wedding dresses ireland

wedding dresses ireland

wedding dresses ireland

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New Exclusive Stockists of Catherine Deane!

We are beyond excited to announce that Ivory & Pearl are the exclusive stockists of Catherine Deane in Ireland!

I absolutely love these gowns, and can’t wait to get them in for brides to try on! Here is a sneak peak of the wedding dresses we are receiving, with a few of them arriving next week! Eek!

Love Kate

The Catherine Deane bridal collection is an exquisite adaptation of time-honoured techniques combined with contemporary design elements.

Catherine is passionate about taking something from the past and making it relevant to today whilst appreciating its original beauty.

Initially taking inspiration from vintage textiles, French lace and long forgotten craft, Catherine explored the natural world which provides an endless source of influential ideas. From the delicate beaded backs, inspired by dew drops on spider’s webs to the three dimensional embroidered flowers, her bridal collection is awash with nature’s jewels.

Sumptuous and luxurious, European fabrics include gossamer silk tulles and delicate laces from France and opulent silk charmeuse. These fine fabrics are adorned with subtle pearl and diamante embellishments creating a unique yet elegant look which evokes a feeling of refined whimsicality.







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Have you found “the one”?


By “the one” I mean your perfect wedding dress for your dream day, after you’ve found Mr Right, of course.

One myth when finding your dream dress, is that you will weep and cry, hug someone dear, the heavens will open, the angels will sing and you will then continue to weep and cry. Sorry to burst this bubble, but in every 10 brides we have in Ivory & Pearl, only one or two cry. So if there are no tissues, no angels and no tears – yes that is completely normal!

All brides though still want to find a wedding dress that they instantly fall in love with, that fits perfectly, reflects their personality, that stands out from all the rest and just makes everyone go ‘WOW!’ At Ivory & Pearl, I’ve really tried to source stunning wedding dresses from around the world that are exclusive to our boutique in Northern Ireland, so you’re stepping out in a completely different gown to your friends.  We love witnessing that eureka moment, when our brides find a dress that they look amazing in, that feels absolutely fabulous and friends and family all love it.

So, if you’re still looking at wedding dresses every Saturday, and you still haven’t found the one, here’s how to find that one perfect dress…

Research… a lot!

Before you head out to look at wedding dresses, take a little time to think through what you are looking for beforehand. Researching online really helps and will give you a flavour for the style of dress you like. Think about all the factors that will affect your style of gown. You need a dress style that will suit the venue, although I always say don’t choose a dress based entirely on your venue, choose a dress you absolutely love, regardless of venue!!! 😉 However, if you plan to get married on the beach, don’t go for a structured, elaborate dress, with a long train as it just won’t be practical (and you’ll be very, very hot!) Think of the season you’re getting married as this may determine if you want a lighter gown for the summer, at Ivory & Pearl we get a lot of brides who are having a destination wedding and so need a lovely light gown for the Italian/Spanish/Mexican/Australian sun *sigh* Also think of your figure, take a look in your wardrobe to see what you usually wear, as this will give you an idea of a style that will suit you best. Find what appeals to you most so you can narrow down both the number of boutiques you need to visit and the style you are looking for when you arrive at the boutique.  However, be open to suggestions from the sales assistant, as we have sold lots of gowns to brides, which are completely different to the style of gown they thought they initially wanted.

Start your search early…

Start the quest to find that one perfect dress as early as possible.  It can take eight months for your wedding dress to be ordered in and for all the alterations to be done. If you are looking for a particular style of dress, you may have to go to a few boutiques to find your dream dress. If you don’t have a year, do not worry, as some designers can have a dress with the boutique in less than three months, there is also the option of a ‘rush order’ with a number of designers (although this may cost a little more) and if you are very lucky you may find your dream dress at a sample sale!

Get to know the latest bridal gown styles

This year, the top styles would have to be, lace sleeves, sheer illusion necklines and back detail.  I love that our bridal designers have experimented with different styles of lace, for example, both Claire Pettibone and Anna Maier have created absolutely stunning gowns with corded and guipure lace, giving the wedding dresses a much more modern feel. As well as lace, invisible or illusion necklines are very popular, which is a stunning way to give brides more coverage than the standard strapless dress.  For back detail, again Claire Pettibone and Karen Willis Holmes have created beautiful gowns, with absolutely stunning backs, and more importantly, the dress is just as beautiful from the front. A back detail is fabulous, as it will ‘wow’ the guests as you walk up the aisle. At Ivory & Pearl, we also love wedding dresses that have a hint of colour, as traditional white wedding dresses don’t flatter everyone’s skin tone. At the moment, blush is very popular, ranging from a hint of peach to a bright pink; it’s a lovely option to have, suiting a lot of skin tones as well as being soft and feminine.

So to find “the one” perfect dress, do lots of research, consider all the factors that will make your choice of wedding dress perfect for you and give yourself plenty of time. And when you find that dress that stands out, that you simply can’t stop dreaming about, and you love everything about it…  you have found “the one”!

Love Kate

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Bridal Fairs!

It is peak season for Bridal Fairs at the moment, with Ivory & Pearl showcasing at 6 in the next few weeks, we are excited to meet more brides and show them our pretty 2014 wedding dresses! We also only have 2 Sundays off between now and the end of April due to Bridal Fairs and Designer Weekends, so we’re closing a few Monday’s to rest up so we’ve lots of energy with you guys in the boutique!

We have just finished the Quirky Wedding Fair and what a show it was!! I bribed my 13 year old sister to help this time, and she was amazing, I called her just before 8am on Sunday, and she was up and ready to set up our stand, stood all day and then helped take it all down and drive it back to the boutique! Not a dream Sunday afternoon for a young girl, but she’s great and even knows most of our designers!! I just can’t wait until she’s a little older, to come and work in the boutique! We also had two gorgeous models walking around in our wedding dresses, who we left to man the stand for a sneaky 30 minutes to go and see all the other exhibitors! Anna and I had the best time, we had our caricature taken by Inkwell Cartoon & Caricature, our photos taken in the Rent a Booth NI photo booth, Clubmugs gave us amazing branded mugs and of course lots and lots of free chocolates, shortbread, not to mention, that the Quirky girls also gave us all a BIG bar of Cadbury’s, which was devoured by the end of the fair (don’t tell anyone!!)

Our gorgeous model Hannah (don’t mind the Aida poster behind :-S!)

photo 1
Inkwell Cartoon & Caricature (also evidence of our empty bar of Cadburys peaking out!)




Anna found her perfect man!!!

photo 2

There were some amazing exhibitors, I wish I had photos of more but here are a few of our favourites:

Limepark – gorgeous quirky venue in the North Coast!

photo 4

Innocent Chaos

innocent chaos photo

Paper Bark


Not forgetting, the amazing, Grace & Saviour, 17twelve, Cinematic Tide, Music Matters, Mood Events, Tippy Make up Artist, Gillian Cargo Hair Design.. there are just too many to go through them all, take a nosey yourself at www.quirkyweddings.co.uk

Bridal Fairs Coming Up!

16th February 2014: Redcastle Hotel, Donegal, 2pm-5pm
21-23rd February 2014: The Wedding Journal Fair, Kings Hall, 3pm-8pm/12noon-6pm/12noon-6pm
2nd March 2014: Spectacular Vintage Fair, Carton House Hotel, 10am-5pm
9th March 2014: Culloden Hotel, 2pm-5pm
27th April 2014: Ballygally Castle, times TBC

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Waffleberry Recipe

If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m not much of a cook (understatement of the year!) Instead of making resolutions this year though, my husband and I chatted about different things we wanted to achieve or do. So I said I would try 2 new recipes out a month! How do people with full time jobs, children, a house to clean, find the time to also make amazing meals?? I think I need to get up earlier!


And tonight was my night to shine, we’re having friends from church over and I had great intentions of making salmon, mash, all the trimmings and waffleberry AND apple crumble but because of poor time management and work commitments… I’m getting a carry out! I feel like a failure.


However, if I’ve time after today’s appointments, painting signs and cleaning the house I’m going to try this little recipe, we’ve had it a few times and it’s absolutely delicious! Plus, I have my husband’s credit card with me, so I think I need to do a big Tesco shop and make good use of it 😉



2 x 240g waffles (located in bread aisle in Tescos)

150g white chocolate

600g frozen raspberries

55g caster sugar

1 tbsp plain flour

500ml sour cream

2 eggs

½ tbsp vanilla essence

2 tbsp icing sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 200C
  2. Place half the waffles in a deep dish, breaking them up into bite size pieces
  3. Take half of the white chocolate and chop into chunks and put on top of waffle base
  4. Add half the frozen raspberries
  5. Repeat layers using last of the waffles, raspberries and white chocolate
  6. Get another bowl and combine the sugar and flour
  7. Add the sour cream, eggs and vanilla essence to the sugar and flour mixture
  8. Whisk and spoon over the top of the waffle deep dish
  9. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes until golden brown and set
  10.  Cool for 10 minutes
  11.  Sprinkle icing sugar and serve with ice-cream
  12. Eat until you pop!

ivory & pearl

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