New Adventures: Willow & Thread

Firstly apologies for the radio silence on the blogging front, I promise we haven’t been napping or having cups of tea!! We have been working on a very exciting new project… as NEXT week; we are opening a new fashion boutique!!

Let me start at the beginning… last November I wanted a new challenge, yes a 6 month old and one business was not enough… and after contemplating bridesmaids for sooo long, nothing ever ‘felt right’ and I didn’t want to jump into something I didn’t feel 100% about! As when you own your own business… trust me, you need to love it heart and soul! So sitting merrily eating my lunch, I had a bright idea – I would open fashion!! I rang a few people, but before long the wheels were in motion… and that was that. What girl doesn’t want her own wardrobe and let’s face it, as much as I want to, I can’t walk around town in wedding dresses!!

So before long, I was researching designers, and trying to get a feel for who we were going to be. I will be totally honest, researching Ivory & Pearl was a doddle, as my husband was living and working in Cork and I had all the time in the world… but researching fashion, well one husband returned home (thankfully) and we had a 6 month old who needs love and attention and as well as that we decided to move house! Whoever says no-one can multi-task need to ask women all over the world… these last 8 months, have probably been the craziest of my life!

So I spoke to the designers of Ivory & Pearl, and they came up with the very fitting name of Willow & Thread (I love the design of the ampersand!) I attended a few shows, but stock took a little longer than expected to arrive, so yes from the idea to now, it’s nearly a year… but we’re there, well nearly! I am currently sitting in a very messy room, with empty boxes and clothes galore. But we have set our deadline for the 12th September 2015. So for then I need to, clean, price clothes, steam clothes, finish homepage, promote new shop, print signage, print fliers, pay suppliers, clean again, post a little something something to our beautiful Ivory & Pearl brides as a little thank-you… and so on! But hey ho, with no launch date we’d get absolutely nothing done!

So, really I want to thank you for the support of Ivory & Pearl, and giving me this opportunity to try something new. I’ll try my hardest to bring something a little different and offer the best service possible! It will be a work in progress, as website won’t be launching for a good few months, and we will have new designers arriving in the New Yea. We are however, (for now) in the same building as Ivory & Pearl… just next door. So if you’re in for an appointment – you can go and take a nosey before/after your appointment, we have (lots of) clothes, accessories, jewellery and little bits and bobs. Our address is: 1st Floor, The Georgian House, 14 The Square, Comber, BT23 5DT and our Facebook is:


Love Kate



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1st Floor, The Georgian House, 14 The Square, Comber, Co. Down, BT23 5DT, N. Ireland