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I hope you’re all keeping well!!!

Everything is going really well, with me and Ivory & Pearl. We have sold over 10 wedding dresses now, and every single one of them has been different, which I absolutely love! I am loving that brides are choosing different styles, and also a little relieved that you are liking my taste in dresses! I know I said before, but that is far more than I expected, so thank-you! It also means that I have convinced my husband to buy more dresses, yippee!! Bless him, instead of enjoying himself, I’m telling him we need to save to buy more pretty wedding dresses, and in a man’s world it just doesn’t seem fair!! 

However, he shouldn’t really complain (right ladies?), as after working 2 years in Cork, he has been transferred to Belfast and he has me to wake up to every morning. Although, he gets up and I roll over to go back to sleep for another 2 hours, that doesn’t really seem fair either, but I suppose life isn’t fair! Honestly though, having him home has been amazing! Chris (my hubby) got offered a great job over 2 years ago, the only down side was that it was in Dublin and Cork, at the time it felt like the right decision, and we got through it surprisingly well, despite a few tears, and a quite a few lonely nights, we both threw ourselves into work. I spent most of my evenings, researching wedding dresses and Chris built up a career in property. He’s now been transferred though, and it has been amazing having him home as Chris and I have the best laugh together, life is a whole lot of fun with him around and having him around more, I now know I could never do the long distance thing again! I am also regretting a little that we’ve been apart for 2 years, on one hand, I am so (so!) glad we did it, as we both have jobs we absolutely love, which is a big plus, but I also feel like we missed out on lots, like the anniversaries, birthdays that we spent apart, even the silly anniversaries like, ‘our first date’, ‘when we got engaged’. I feel very blessed though, that we did it, that he’s home now and I’m really enjoying the time we have together.. Crazy Tuesdays tonight I think!

Anyway, less about me and more about the wedding dresses! So a lot has been going on, mainly me trying to organise Bridal Fairs, Sample Sales, Designer Weekends and a trip to see the 2014 collections, which I am very excited about! I have shortened it all and highlighted the main things…. enjoy!

2014 Collection
This weekend, I am going to check out some new wedding dresses for 2014 in London! I have had a few sneaks peeks and they are looking delicious, stunning back details, with sheer illusion necklines, which I love! I am very excited to see them in real life, and not only will I be looking at the new collections from my current designers, but also a few potential designers to bring into Ivory & Pearl! So keep an eye out on our Facebook Page, for more updates and (more importantly) photos!!

As I will be bringing new stock in, I will also be having a mini-sample sale, this means that I will be selling around a quarter of my stock for up to 60% off, so this is definitely an opportunity to grab a bargain!! This will be on the 7th and 8th June.. I have popped up a Sample Sale album on Facebook with photos of the dresses that will be included, I’m adding to it daily… check it out! To book an appointment, call 02891871135 or e-mail:

Naomi Neoh Designer Weekend
I am also hoping to have a designer weekend on 5th-7th July 2013 for Naomi Neoh, this simply means more of Naomi Neoh’s dresses in for just one weekend, as well as 15% off all her wedding dresses! I am just confirming dates with Naomi Neoh at the moment, but 5-7th July is looking gooood!! 

So my hubby and I are getting away on a mini-break in June (whoopeee!) I am going to close the boutique as it’s only for 7 days, but we will still be open for action on all Saturdays, as they’re so busy and you will all be in very capable and friendly hands when I am away!! I will still be contactable via e-mail, so to book an appointment, just e-mail me and I’ll get straight back to you! 

Opening Hours
I absolutely L.O.V.E running Ivory & Pearl, I have had the best few months E.V.E.R! Like any job, there is one down side, and mine is that I’m not busy enough, it sounds crazy but going from working full time and setting Ivory & Pearl up in my spare time to just working normal hours has taken a lot of getting used to! Understandably I am super busy evenings, Fridays and Saturdays and quiet during the day mid-week as everyone is working! Some days I wants girls just to come in and try on dresses, even if they’re not getting married.. just to give me a bit of craic! So I have decided to close Mondays, and start a little later Wednesdays and Thursday’s. This does not mean that you can’t book appointments on Mondays, Wednesday or Thursday mornings, as you ABSOLUTELY can… PLEASE do!! It just means that I won’t be in the boutique unless an appointment has been arranged. I always say it’s best to make an appointment any way, as I am doing a little bit of work on other projects, such as Sprinkles of Love (my other little business) and a little bit of consultancy, so sometimes I am out of the boutique, but I am always contactable on e-mail and my mobile (07828719131).

Have a lovely week!

Kate xxx



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