• February 28, 2013
Hello and Welcome to Ivory & Pearl Bridal Boutique.

I am so excited to open Ivory & Pearl, after months of researching gowns, accessories, websites, furniture, rails, mannequins, hangers.. yes hangers (it’s amazing what you spend your Saturday nights researching!!) we are finally opening! And I hope our research has paid off, as we have a beautiful boutique, with a range of wedding gowns that are new to Northern Ireland, some are even new to Ireland and we have one amazing designer new to the UK. My appointment book is already nearly full for the first week of opening, which is amazing… thank-you! I couldn’t have opened Ivory & Pearl, without a few very special people though and so I would just like to thank them quickly!

Firstly, Philip, thank-you for your advice, help, time and support over the last six months, and for telling me I can do it! As Director of 2 companies, you will be glad to hear that if it all falls apart (which it won’t) you will still have a great career ahead of you as a PA! 

Charlie (my mother-in-law), after working long hours, I would come home and Charlie would have dinner sitting waiting for me on my front door step! Thank-you for being so considerate and doing so much for Chris & I! 

Dad, simply for believing in me at all times! I think if I said that I was running for Prime Minister you would be right behind me.. okay may be not, but no matter what you always had faith that I could open my own business!
Mum, despite working full time, having two other children, there you were to help me at Bridal Fairs (standing for over 20 hours one weekend, to get up at 7am on Monday morning for work), helping me clean the boutique, marching around London with me to see all the designers (you should have seen us, on tube, off tube, on bus, off bus, walking a mile, and that was only one designer… it’s not as glamorous as it all sounds!) and I know you would like everyone to know that you helped me pick all the wedding gowns!!!

Mark and Anna (brother and sister), life would definitely not be as fun without you both! Mark, thank-you for helping me move all the items in and out of the boutique, and Anna for assisting all the brides-to-be at the bridal fairs. I can’t wait for you to come into the boutique to answer the phone for Ivory & Pearl.

Chris (my husband), after travelling 3.5 hours each way to work and back, many would think that your weekends would be a nice relaxing time, but unfortunately- it has been trips to B&Q, fabric shops, sofa shops, interior shops, The Georgian House umpteen times.. and instead of dinner on the table Friday night it has been a conked out wife on the sofa! Things will definitely change, but putting the dinner on the slow cooker before I go to work.. will not be happening! Thank-you for being so patient, and putting all your time and energy into helping me set up!

I would also like to thank, Slater Design for designing the ‘Ivory&Pearl’ logo, they really captured what I wanted my bridal boutique to be, and I love all the marketing literature. Home Creations, for making 2 bare rooms into a fully functional Bridal Boutique, I couldn’t recommend them more! Carol, for helping me with all fabric choices, after standing in the Cotton Print nearly in tears with all the fabric samples, your direction has been fantastic! And Sara, for helping me at all the bridal fairs, I know if I ever go on holiday, Ivory & Pearl will be in good hands!

Well that is the “thank-yous” over, I hope if/when you come into the boutique you enjoy the whole experience and a visit to Ivory & Pearl is memorable 🙂
Lots of Love
Kate xxx



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