Average Price
Our dresses start at £1995 and go up to £4500, with the majority around £2450. We have dresses to buy off the peg all year around though and do sample sales throughout the year. If you’d like to keep your wedding dress under a certain price, just let us know – we totally get that weddings are expensive!

Average Sample Size
The sample sizes in our boutique are mainly 12s, this is a size we feel can work for the majority of our brides and our style of easy wearing wedding dresses but over the years we have sold from a size 0 to 22, so please do not be put off. Pins and clamps can make a world of difference.

When should I buy my dress?
Sometimes brides ask, what’s the latest date I can buy my dress – but PLEASE don’t think like this. Buy your wedding dress when you’re ready to say “YES”!

How nice would it be to have your wedding dress, ordered, delivered, tried on and safely in our wardrobe at least 4 months before your wedding? We don’t need to start alterations until 6 weeks before your wedding but having your wedding dress in early is the dream!

In an ideal world I would recommend buying 9-12 months before your wedding!

But what if my wedding is in 6 months?
Good News.. Two of our designers keep a little stock for immediate delivery. Other designers offer rush orders which means we can get your dress in the boutique very quickly (this is at an additional charge). And of course, we have dresses to buy off the peg!

How should I prepare for my appointment?
One thing we would recommend is to take a little time to yourself and research styles of wedding dresses you like and also the designers that we stock. Of course your stylist may pull out a wild care but your wedding dress is to reflect your personality therefore having done a little prior research definitely helps! And nude underwear will help you visualise your wedding dress better!

Can I take a photo?
We don’t allow photos, mainly because the wedding dress you try on will be too small, too big, too long, definitely not the finished article.

Buying your wedding dress is a process and the sample you try on in the boutique compared to your beautiful wedding dress made to fit – is a stark difference.

You will know when you try on your dress and a picture taken on a phone is most likely dark and from a bad angle will never do it justice!

Who should I bring?
I know it can be tempting to invite the whole crew, but when it comes to wedding dress shopping we recommend bringing 1-3 besties with you. People that know you and your style and can help you find the one. As our boutique is intimate the number of guests is restricted to 3.