Kate Speers Ivory and Pearl Bridal Boutique

Hello 👋

Hello 👋


Thanks for visiting our website, my name is Kate and I opened Ivory & Pearl nearly 10 years ago - which is crazy to think. Before bridal, I worked in the corporate world - I’ve actually worked in a lot of industries - I’ve worked since I was 13 in everything from delivering the newspaper to a beauticians, from a bakery to Baby Gap, from telesales to a shredding company. Then after finishing my degree in Business Studies and getting married myself, I saw a gap in the market for non traditional wedding dresses, wedding dresses that I struggled to find when I was getting married. Now we have brides who visit us from all over Ireland - Scotland, England, Wales - we’ve even had Amsterdam and further afield.

In that time I have had three children, Daisy, Jack and Ollie. Three monkeys, but I’m very lucky to work my hours alongside my family. My husband doesn’t think so though as I work pretty much every Saturday and he is daddy day care but the kids love it!

Although I’ve learnt a lot in ten years, I still spend a lot of time looking at new designers - we have often been the first boutique to stock many new and undiscovered designers over the years. Now though, I can honestly say, I absolutely love our selection of wedding dresses. The quality is amazing, their talent with new designs still mesmerises me. The majority of our wedding dresses are made in house, which means they are made by hand and come directly from the designers studio.

During lock down we did a lot of zoom calls, and we would hear the taxis beeping outside Alexandra Grecco’s studio in NYC, see the sunlight beaming through the glass in Anna Campbell’s Australian studio. This year was the first year in over three years we got to meet our designers face to face again and it was so nice! I just love being back to normality - meeting our brides and getting excited about their wedding day again!


I hope you’ll visit us soon.